Rubber Chicken


CMS website


Rubber Chicken is an independent production company who write comedy shows, tv adverts and host radio shows in between.

Their online presence was yet to be fulfilled, so we went about creating them a responsive WordPress website to show off the work they produce. Building the site in WordPress gave them the added benefit of being able to add content to the site themselves after we initially launched the site.

We used Baker Creative to make a website for our new media production company. We’re incredibly pleased with the results; specifically the simple design and intuitive ease of use.

There’s a lot of different facets to what we do, and Darren took those on board and created a really approachable, clear and concise platform for us. The feedback we gave on early design choices was instantly and accurately absorbed: we basically typed some words on an email and were served up a pretty website.

Don’t tell any of our competitors – I think it’s made us look like a more professional outfit than we actually are.

Tom Price,
Founder, Rubber Chicken